Last week I received an awesome compliment on my blog from a friend of mine.

“I love reading your blog. Woman empowerment, yay!” 

Isn’t that something? Empowerment is simply talking about the things I think and things I have experienced. Something so basic can mean so much if you’re just open and honest about where you’ve been and what’s on your mind. We often think we are all alone with no one around to understand us, but we fail to try to explain ourselves or relate to others.

Sometimes I find it extremely difficult to talk about myself. Not in the “where I went to school, talk about my pets, job, career, school, etc.” kind of way. I can talk for hours about myself and at the end not really tell you anything meaningful. I find it so difficult to really talk about who I am and the things that are constantly on my mind. Very few people have seen my heart, and I think that’s part of the reason I started this blog. I’m so tired of not being open about the things I’ve been through, and since talking seems to escape me most of the time I figured using writing would be the best alternative.

The world would be so much more understanding and open if we all were just honest about our opinions, feelings, experiences. We could start to really relate to each other and the struggles we face every day. Every person is different and unique, so the only way to really know those around you is an open dialogue. The more we understand one another the more we love one another.