The challenge.

Last night I was having dinner with my Uncle George. He has always been someone who has pushed me a little further – yeah, an A- is fine, but why didn’t you get an A+ – and I love him for it. We all need someone to remind us that, while we are wonderful, amazing people, we can always push ourselves a little more and challenges ourselves in new ways.

So when the topic of writing came up he immediately asked why I don’t write more, everyday to be exact. My answer – I don’t have anything to write about. Uncle George being who he is immediately called me out on that. While I told him to stop yelling at me, I knew he was right.

I’m always telling people to be more comfortable with who they are and to realize how uniquely beautiful they are, but sometimes I don’t take my own advice. Why don’t I write more? Because I don’t feel like what I have to say or write is interesting or important enough to share with the world. We are all important and interesting enough to put ourselves out there. It’s just a little easier said than done.

My life is full of new experiences, meeting new people and putting myself out there like I never have before. I should want to share that. I should want to tell people the things I am learning along the way, things I have messed up or dropped the ball on. But I’ve been too scared, which most likely isn’t the correct word for the emotion I feel when thinking about writing. It’s more of a combination between scared and lazy. My couch is really comfortable. The struggle is real.

So, hopefully, you will be hearing more from me soon, and I challenge each of you to put yourself out there more and do something that scares you.


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