15 things I always forget to thank my soulmate for.


The other day my best friend Haley and I were hanging out with a good friend of ours and she said she’s jealous of our relationship. Jokingly Hal and I always talk about how everyone wants to be us, but it didn’t ever occur to me that not everyone has that closeness we have. My relationship with Hal is easy and fun and perfect, the way all relationships with our friends should be. So in the effort to be sappy and remind Hal how much I love her here are 15 things I always forget to thank my best friend for. Happy Valentine’s Day soulmate.

1. Most importantly, thank you for being so low maintenance. I love that we can either plan a huge night out or sit at home in our pajamas watching Netflix and it’s equally as fun.

2. Thank you for knowing when to push me to open up and when to sit in silence.

3. Thank you for always being able to read my mind. It doesn’t matter what is going on or where we are, you always know what’s going through my mind and it’s such a relief to not always have to explain myself.

4. Thank you for always being 100 percent honest with me. People underestimate how open we are with each other, but I love that even when people tell me not to repeat something I at least have to tell you. They should all know you don’t count and everything they say can and will be repeated to Hal.

5. Thank you for being there for all of the most important moments of my life – dance competitions (duh), graduation, moving day and even when tragedy strikes and my life falls apart.

6. Thank you for never letting how different we are stand in the way of our friendship.

7. Thank you for never judging me even when I know you would never dream of doing whatever nonsense I’ve gotten myself in to.

8. Thank you for hating the same people as me.

9. Thank you for all of the random funny texts, pictures, SnapChats and Instagram posts. I love knowing that we can go months without talking to each other but we are always thinking of each other.

10. Thank you for never failing to pick up where we left off no matter how much time has passed since we talked to each other.

11. Thank you for always supporting me even when I know you disapprove.

12. Thank you for all of the shots you’ve let me take even when I shouldn’t because you know at least for a few hours I will feel better.

13. On those mornings when the alcohol is no longer making me happy, thank you for sitting around all day with me doing absolutely nothing.

14. Thank you for never letting me down and always being there when I need you most.

15. Thank you for showing me that I don’t need a boyfriend to find real closeness. You are my soulmate and always will be, having an amazing boyfriend is just a bonus to the amazingness that is already my life.


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