I’ve been struggling with what to post next on here. How do I compare to my last post? It was so personal I feel like people expect that kind of post from here on out, especially since I received such amazing feedback. You don’t realize the wonderful people around you until a special moment like that. I have been so blessed to have such spectacular people in my life, whether I know them from 15 years ago or met them yesterday.

Before writing my last post I had some hesitation. I wasn’t sure I wanted to put myself out there like that. Vulnerability isn’t my greatest strength, but in the end I decided to just close my eyes and click publish. I am beyond thankful that I did.

To help encourage others to stop holding back and hiding the things they think make them damaged I want to share one responseĀ I received from someone who used to be a very dear friend of mine. You may think you are bruised and broken, but it is those scars that make you the beautiful person you are today. Don’t ever think you aren’t good enough, and don’t ever let someone make you feel bad about yourself because of the things you have been through or have done in the past. Once you open up and put yourself out there people will accept you more than you think.

While most people posted comments on my Facebook post or in my blog comments one very special person sent me a message. It was more personal, so I understand why they didn’t want to leave it in the comments. I’m not a person who cries often, but this definitely brought me to tears. I wasn’t looking for sorry or anything like that, I no longer hold any grudges and I hope others can let go of grudges they hold against me. But this was just what I needed to hear:

First, I want to say I have a slight hatred of that school, and who I was when I attended it. Some of the hatred comes from how sheltered we were, and some comes from the ideas, (or way of life?) that they tried to push down our young throats. I’m glad for the beliefs they instilled in me, but short of that, I hated my years at that school. I also want to say I am sorry, because I remember those rumors, and I remember telling you I was disappointed in you when you asked me about that situation all those years ago in class. I had completely forgotten about it until I just read that blog, and I sit here haunted by it. I was NEVER disappointed in you. It was something I was instructed to say, and I hated that I said it then, and now I hate I never apologized to you. You were, and ARE, a beautiful woman and I am glad to have met and know you. And I really enjoy your blog : ) Hope you are doing well.


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