The diary of 12-year-old Ciera.

The other day I was reading about an organization – Mortified: Angst Written – that hosts shows consisting of people reading journal entries or poems from their childhood as a form of comedy. So I decided to go and read my journal from when I was 12 years old. Against my better judgement I have decided to share the first entry with you. I’m going to type it as is, so there will be grammatical errors. I wasn’t always the grammar nazi I am today. 

May 31, 2002

7:42 p.m.

Dear Diary,

Hey I’m on my way to Scottie’s. He’s one of my mom’s guy friends, that’s 2 separate words. Yesterday was my b-day. I got a bunch of clothes and today I exchanged all the ones that didn’t fit. My mom gave me this diary yesterday. My great grandpa is really sick and everyone except Nany and Mommie want he to move into a nursing home. I don’t think he should move into a nursing home. I also take dance. Nationals is coming up and I think my tap and jazz production is goin to make the TV show. I have 3 dance teachers Tiffany Hilliard, Sadie Roberts and Pat Hall. Tiff is my favorite teachers. She teaches tap! She’s awesome and funny. At one competition all the class made a bet w/ her that if we got 1st place overall and a platinum she had to do a tuck jump and she did!! hehe it was so funny.

10:35 p.m.

I just got done swimming. It was ok. Cole and his friends r so annoying. They asked me wut u call a blonde wit pigtails sand would’t tell me the answer b/c they said I wuz 2 young. They must not know me very well. I cuse at school even though it’s a private Christian school. NCA is wut it’s called. Short for Northside Christian Academy. I’m goin into 7th grade. There’s this boy Chris Crowley. He’s a grade below me but he’s suppose to be n my grade. I have a major crush on him. He has blonde hair, brown eyes and a 6 pack. He’s so HOT. This summer I’m goin 2 Florida and New York. I’m goin 2 Florida w/ my Papa Ray. He keeps my horse and Savannah’s horse. (She’s my sis).

Well G2G


Sierra Rae Choate (Yeah, I know that’s not how you actually spell my name)


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