Falling in love.

Saying that my first full week of classes has been perfect would be an understatement. All of the things I worried about are no longer an issue, and I am so excited to really dig into my classes and see what the semester holds. I’m falling in love with this city, university and all of the people who I have had the pleasure to meet and talk to over the course of the weeks I have been here, not to mention my short trip home to see my friends and family who I’ve been missing. Shout out to Ashley Mitzel Dillard! Your wedding was gorgeous, just like you.

Video journalism was the class I was, by far, the most nervous about attending. I’m a pen and paper kind of girl, so the thought of having to shoot and edit something terrified me. Plus, the broadcast class I took at UNC Charlotte was awful. After the first class my feelings completely changed, and video journalism might be the class I’m most excited about now. Having the opportunity to create a small documentary-type project about something, anything I feel is important excites me to no end. (As I finish projects for all of my classes I’ll post them on here for y’all to check out) Not to mention the teacher seems pretty awesome. All of my teachers seem to be pretty cool and like their classes are going to be extremely interesting, which would fit nicely with the rest of what I’ve experienced in DC.

Yesterday I was on the metro. I’ve met a lot of people on the metro – drunk law student, cute little boy who wouldn’t stop blowing me kisses, all kinds – but the best was yesterday. I step onto the metro and a man is trying to find a pen, and the lady in the seat in front of him is halfway listening to him. She’s mainly focused on the conversation she’s having with the lady next to her. Over and over again he says, “let me get that number.” I think prior to me walking up on the conversation he had given her his number. She says, “I’ll call you when you get rid of that girlfriend.” He just laughs like she’s kidding, which I don’t think she was, then proceeds to go on about how he’s going to take her out somewhere “real nice.” The whole time she is doing that thing all of us girls do when we are flattered and want to flirt back but know better. She was listening to every word he said, but was pretending to have something better to do. Well about two stops in he stands up to get off the metro and says, “Oh, girl, I’m going to be thinking about you all night.” Her response, which made me laugh (kind of loud) was, “You’ll be with your girlfriend all night.” Maybe it’s not that funny if you weren’t there, but I almost DIED laughing.

I’m hoping next week to finally bust out my bicycle and go exploring a little. I’ll take a lot of pictures for everyone, just don’t tell my mom until after I’m back. The thought of me on my bike makes her very nervous.

Until next time. ❤


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