Home sweet home.

It’s official – I’m all moved in at my mom’s house. Well, my things are all packed up in the garage. I’ll be there for a few weeks until I make the move to Washington, D.C. (move date still to be decided)


The first night sleeping there (Saturday) was weird. It’s going to take some adjusting to get used to sleeping there again, I typically can’t sleep well when I’m somewhere new, but I think I will adjust. I like having people to hang out with on a regular basis. All I have to do is walk upstairs and there are so many puppies and people to hang out with. But at the end of the day I’m really excited to move past these next couple of weeks and make my way up to D.C. Patience definitely isn’t high on my list of virtues, but I’ll survive. There’s still so much to accomplish before I leave, so many items on my to-do list.

Next on the list, going away party this coming Saturday. To say I’m excited to see my friends would be an understatement.


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